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Is Your Basement Springing Leaks This Season?

The first day of spring heralds many good things: warmer temperatures, flowers, shrubs and trees in bloom and the return of many outdoor sports like baseball and soccer.  But spring also brings frequent showers and some big problems for Maryland homeowners with basements or crawl spaces.  It’s no coincidence that our services for basement waterproofing [...]

5 Warning Signs of a Basement in Trouble

Face it: your basement has special needs. It’s below grade, it gets cold and humid in there, it’s dark most of the time and various insects and rodents are constantly trying to take it over. If you have an unfinished basement that doesn’t host any vital appliances, like a washing machine, it probably doesn’t see [...]

What Causes Foundation Cracks

When you hear about foundation cracks, do you involuntary envision gashing gaps in the walls and the house in ruins? While unsightly and uninvited, foundation cracks are fairly common and in most cases can be successfully fixed. But what exactly causes foundations to give out and crack? At Guardian Basement Waterproofing, we know several factors [...]