A “French” Solution for Baltimore Waterproofing

This June has been extraordinarily wet. According to the monthly summary on Weather.com, we’ve seen more than 8 inches of rain so far, compared to an average rainfall of 3.46 inches for this time of year. Has this deluge brought moisture seeping in through the walls or the floor of your basement? If that’s the [...]

Eight Steps for Restoring a Wet Basement

Cleaning up after a basement flood is a time-consuming and disagreeable job. That’s just one reason why you want to take advantage of baltimore waterproofing by a professional company before we get hit with a few days of heavy rain or one of those drenching thunderstorms. If the next big rains send a few inches [...]

Is Your Basement Springing Leaks This Season?

The first day of spring heralds many good things: warmer temperatures, flowers, shrubs and trees in bloom and the return of many outdoor sports like baseball and soccer.  But spring also brings frequent showers and some big problems for Maryland homeowners with basements or crawl spaces.  It’s no coincidence that our services for basement waterproofing [...]

Removing Basement Mold Helps You Stay Healthy

It’s fairly easy to overlook or ignore a small patch of mold growing on the walls in your basement. You might even think you’ve solved the problem when you wipe the area with a bleach solution that seems to make the mold disappear. The trouble is, you haven’t addressed the underlying issue –  the reason [...]